We’re excited about this upcoming townhouse project in Tacoma for DFA’s development arm, Kaiser Development Company. Kaiser is willing to test new ideas, and this one is filled with them.
Designed for a corner lot in the Hilltop neighborhood that is just 25 feet wide, it takes advantage of Tacoma’s urban zoning (RCX) by building right out to the property lines, achieving four two-story, 2 Bed 1 Bath units on a 3250 SF lot. Yet, each of these tight-packed units will have a private courtyard at ground level. The entrances are designed for security, yet are legible – and the units keep eyes on the street. The site is one block from the Hilltop commercial district, and Tacoma’s Link light rail extension will stop 2 blocks away. This project will bring Kaiser’s rental portfolio to 15 units, with another 34 units in the pipeline. Since 2009 development activity in Tacoma has been rare – but we look forward to starting a new trend. It’s time!

[1302 S J] V2-21 NW
[1302 S J] V2-21 SW

[1302 S J] V2-21 NE